Air Emissions Testing


AET provides air emissions testing and operational process optimization to document compliance with state and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements. We team with your Operations or Environmental Group to keep your facilities and permits up-to-date and in compliance. You gain a capable and experienced team that adds credibility for audits and outside inspectors.

Our team has extensive experience helping you optimize processes and reduce waste and emissions with capabilities such as:

• Volatiles/Semi-Volatiles Testing
• Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) Testing
• Particulate Matter (PM/PM10/PM2.5) Testing
• Metals Testing
• Acid Gases Testing
• Dioxins/Furans Testing
• Opacity Testing
• Process Engineering Testing
• Mass Balance and Recovery Determinations
• Pilot and Bench Scale Monitoring
• Research and Development
• RICE Testing

AET's experience base includes industrial, transportation and government clients, as well as those in the rapidly growing energy field — specifically renewable energy, power generation and oil and gas. We combine our knowledge and experience with a thorough understanding of your industry to maintain the highest quality of testing.

Contact us for full-service stack emissions testing and observation or recommendations for improving operational processes.

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