Environmental Engineering and Testing Services


Managing the complex maze of environmental rules and regulations becomes a bigger challenge every year. New environmental regulatory initiatives are added, pages and pages of rules are adopted, and the environmental restrictions get tighter and tighter. AET's Environmental Group has the professionals who know and understand local rules and regulations and how they apply to your facility or property. Your primary job may be making a product, running an organization, developing a parcel of land or keeping your plant compliant. Our job is understanding complex environmental rules and regulations and offering comprehensive environmental engineering services.

As a known expert in the field, our goal is to help clients own and operate productive facilities that comply with local, state and federal environmental requirements. AET offers a team approach, providing clients with a clear understanding of our process and working with them to determine which environmental testing services are right for their organization. For example, we can help you determine which environmental permit will be the most efficient and cost effective for your facility or how to best clean up a contaminated parcel of land within your budget and time frame. There are few environmental issues we haven't seen, which helps you manage and mitigate future environmental agency demands.

Serving clients in agriculture, manufacturing, energy, mining, real estate, financial services, government, non-government organizations and other sectors, AET has a thorough understanding of the environmental rules and regulations that keep businesses and communities safe. Include our team when updating your processes, acquiring land or facilities, or when you need environmental laboratory services, testing, investigating, or environmental permitting to stay compliant. You can also call us for a quick consultation on your plans and ideas. We are here to help you succeed.

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