Asphalt Testing, Reporting and Design


AET delivers sophisticated asphalt testing services including reporting and asphalt pavement design for roadway or parking lot construction. We utilize our in-house laboratory and an experienced team dedicated to this core specialty. Our asphalt design team works with our environmental, geotechnical, construction materials testing, petrography and pavements professionals — with specialists in chemistry and cement/concrete testing and nondestructive testing. You gain a comprehensive, thoughtful approach for your project.

Aside from basic tests for extractions, gradations and Gyratory and Marshall mix designs, AET also offers the knowledge and tools to conduct more sophisticated and accurate testing, including but not limited to:

• Cold-in-Place Recycling Mix Design
• Disc-shaped Compact Tension testing (DCT)
• Falling Weight Deflectometer testing (FWD)
• Foamed Asphalt Mix Design
• Ground Penetrating Radar
• Hamburg Wheel Rut testing
• Low Temperature Cracking (AASHTO T322/ASTM 6931)
• Resilient Modulus testing/Dynamic Modulus testing (SPT)
• R-Value and CBR testing
• Semi-Circular Bending Test (SCB)
• Stabilized Full Depth Reclamation Mix Design
SuperPave Mix Design
• Tensile Strength Ratio testing (TSR)

AET's knowledge and implementation of these technologies helps deliver thorough reports and consultation — increasing efficiency and reducing costs in the design and construction of roadways, railways, bridges and airport runways, in addition to serving a variety of energy, industrial, commercial and government markets. We balance our strong focus on quality and compliance with the practical needs of the client to maintain their timelines and budgets.

Contact us for your full-service testing and design assistance needs, or for responsive field observation and troubleshooting on existing projects.

ASTM International
Departments of Transportation certified (MN, ND, SD, WI)
Minnesota Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists
Minnesota Asphalt Paving Association