AET's Gail Cederberg, PhD, named to Environmental Initiative Board of Directors

Sep 21, 2017

Cederberg.jpgGail Cederberg, Vice President – Environmental Services, PhD, was recently named to the 2017 Environmental Initiative (EI) Board of Directors. In her time with the board she will serve on the financial subcommittee, working towards bringing Environmental Initiative’s goals to a wider audience. She will work together with her fellow board members to weave their core value of “Better Together” through all their programs and work.

Gail has worked with the Environmental Initiative over the past 12 years, serving as a leader for the business and environmental series panels. Outside of EI, Gail is a leading authority on sustainability, green initiatives, and compliance, and serves as Vice President and AET’s  leader of environmental. Over her 30 years in the field, she has continually brought her appreciation for community service into her work, seeking out projects for organizations that give back to the community. Her practice of diversity, inclusion and equity aligns with EI’s current and future goals and mirror her leadership practices within AET.

For more information on AET’s environmental services please contact Gail Cederberg, Ph.D. at gcederberg(at)


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