Specialized Services for Transit Projects


Transit projects have many unique challenges, as they often involve numerous stakeholders and significantly impact the communities they serve during construction: traffic re-routing, business impacts, noise, traffic delays, to name a few. AET has performed a wide range of professional services to advance some of the largest light rail transit projects in the Upper Midwest. Our Geotechnical, Environmental and Construction Materials groups are involved in pre-construction planning and testing all the way through inspections, materials testing and quality control. In addition to rail and bridge work, we support the construction of substations, signal houses and station platforms.

AET also provides professional services for bus garages, maintenance facilities and transit offices. Our Environmental Group has performed corridor-wide environmental studies and followed through to consult with government and private developers on contaminated property remediation, Brownfields redevelopment and land revitalization projects tied to transit.

AET's Geotechnical Group provides detailed geotechnical exploration and analytical services for bridge and building foundations, slopes, retaining walls and other critical structures important to transit. Our Nondestructive Testing Group can perform weld inspections during fabrication and material installation. They also perform proof load testing on bolted connections. During construction, AET can perform nearly all earthwork, concrete, steel, and special inspections on most transit projects.

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