Transportation - Roadways


From local roads and rural routes to urban collector and arterial streets and interstate highways, AET supports roadway planning, design and construction. With our experienced geotechnical engineering, environmental, construction materials testing and pavement engineering services, we can provide one stop for comprehensive consulting, testing, engineering and inspection. For example, our Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) capabilities enhance data collection on rehabilitation and reconstruction projects. Our clients include state departments of transportation, civil design engineers, general contractors, cities and counties.

AET provides extensive knowledge in all aspects of the construction, resurfacing and rehabilitation of concrete, bituminous and gravel-surfaced pavements. We are experts in pavement rehabilitation designs that include cold-in-place recycling and stabilized full-depth reclamation using a variety of stabilizing materials such as asphalt emulsion, foamed asphalt, cement and fly ash. We excel at monitoring slope stability and soil stabilization, using a variety of technology and subgrade modification techniques in areas where wet or highly plastic soils are encountered. We also excel in asphalt and concrete mix designs for both temporary and permanent pavements that will be exposed to heavy loads and/or extreme environmental conditions.

AET’s pavement condition and roadway inventory services have also been used for county-wide transportation planning.  These services can help you plan for large construction projects with heavy vehicle traffic loading such as wind farm development or oil and gas facilities. If you need a road, we can help you plan, test, inspect and maintain it. 

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