AET has worked with the Metropolitan Airports Commission for several years to assist with subsurface investigations and cleanup, testing, permitting and overall environmental compliance at the Minneapolis/ Saint Paul (MSP) International Airport.

We are involved in public airfields projects generally when they require replacement of deteriorated pavements or during airport expansion and new construction projects. The potential for subsurface petroleum and glycol contamination as a result of regular deicing and fueling can lead to environmental impact that must be investigated and remediated prior to repair, expansion or new construction projects.

AET is retained as an environmental consultant to manage environmental issues encountered during excavation of subsurface soils, providing testing and a proper disposal plan. AET can also provide field screening and lab analysis of soil to be excavated. We can use test pits or soil borings prior to excavation and conduct analysis in our labs to environmentally categorize the soil for both disposal and on-site use.

Past MSP International Airport projects involving AET services have included a north apron expansion for Terminal 2, a checked baggage inspections system (CBIS) for Terminal 2, and pavement reconstruction projects.

For more information about AET's services for this project, visit our Environmental page.