A Qualified Vendor in the Transportation Market


As a pre-qualified vendor for multiple state departments of transportation (DOTs) and with all of our service lines operating actively in this market, AET supports many facets of the transportation industry.

We work with DOTs, civil design engineers, general contractors, cities and counties to provide geotechnical engineering, environmental, construction materials testing and pavement engineering services for roadway design, rehabilitation and reconstruction projects. Our Geotechnical Group is experienced with exploration and analysis for large embankments and cut slopes, retaining walls, bridges, box culverts and other major roadway components. We also perform forensic evaluations and assist owners with pavement, bridge and other structure deterioration issues.

AET is also active in aeronautic projects providing design and construction services for runways, taxiways, terminal buildings and parking facilities. We routinely work on everything from small rural airports to the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, one of the largest in the region. Our Petrography Group has provided forensic services to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, evaluating runway pavements and aggregates throughout the United States as well as select international facilities.

AET is playing a major role in significant rail expansion throughout the Upper Midwest to accommodate increased rail demand by the oil and gas industry. We work on rail expansion, bridge replacement and terminal loading/unloading facility projects.

We have also worked on several significant transit projects, including the recent Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (Green Line) from Minneapolis to St Paul, Minnesota. We provided geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and special inspection services on that project.

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