Helping Industrial Clients Operate Premier Facilities


As experts in geotechnical engineering, environmental services, building technology and forensics, AET helps a variety of industrial clients operate facilities that meet high standards for environmental compliance, safety and quality.

Working with AET gives you access to sophisticated geotechnical and petrography teams that use state-of-the-art tools for accurate sampling, testing and consulting. We offer pre-construction site analysis and geotechnical consulting as well as testing and observations during construction. When cement and concrete, steel or other materials present problems, AET can investigate for improper mix design, leakage or water infiltration, corrosion and building envelope issues.

Aside from services for construction and maintenance of industrial facilities, AET also offers a national, independent chemistry lab to test materials interactions and quality product development. Our Environmental Group assists with facility-wide environmental, health and safety compliance, permitting and auditing. This includes air, stormwater, wastewater and hazardous waste permits as well as establishing and improving management systems for compliance improvements and tracking. AET's Environmental Group is also experienced with facilitating agreements between industrial clients and federal, state and local
regulatory agencies.

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