Upper Midwest Oil and Gas Service Support


AET has significant experience working in the oil and gas market, from assisting major oil producers constructing all-weather access to their oil well sites in North Dakota to geotechnical engineering and construction testing on pipelines across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our Environmental Group assists with site evaluation, permitting and emissions testing. We also have experience working on refinery and gas plant projects.

Our experience with rail loading and unloading facilities throughout the Bakken oil field in western North Dakota and eastern Montana demonstrates AET's knowledge of specialty foundations to support frac sand unloading equipment and large tanks. Our Pavements Group also consults and tests for roadways and structures supporting high-volume, heavy truck traffic and rail loops. With offices in Dickinson and Williston, North Dakota, AET is conveniently located with experienced professionals and equipment to support the rapidly growing oil and gas industry.

Our Minnesota and Wisconsin offices also support frac sand exploration and mining operations with geotechnical drilling and laboratory testing services. Our track and all-terrain-vehicle mounted drilling equipment permits soil borings and site evaluation in many hard-to-reach areas.

Groundwater protection on oil well sites with shallow groundwater and drilling waste disposal are two recent challenges confronting Upper Midwest oil and gas producers. AET can perform preliminary explorations at potential oil well sites to identify alternatives to synthetic lines where applicable. We have also worked on saltwater disposal and special waste landfill projects to increase local disposal alternatives, thereby reducing haul distances.

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