Offering Services That Support Energy Production


AET provides a wide variety of services that support energy production, specifically oil and gas, renewable energy, transmission, substations and power generation. Our 18 offices, primarily focused in the Upper Midwest, position us well for large, multi-state projects. Most importantly, our locations help us provide clients with one point of contact for multiple sites in the region.

AET works with many major energy providers like:

  • Oil and gas producers
  • Pipeline companies
  • Electric utilities
  • Ethanol plants
  • Wind/solar developers

AET provides exploratory borings for natural gas pipelines as well as nondestructive testing for refineries. We also provide testing on sites intended for oil wells to determine if a spill would impact the groundwater supply, or if a synthetic liner is needed to contain crude oil and saltwater.

Our Environmental Group has worked with ethanol and research plants on permitting, emissions testing for energy production, and emergency response plans. We also use our extensive lab and field capabilities for site investigation, construction materials testing and remediation. Additional services include, but are not limited to air permitting, forensic evaluation, geotechnical engineering, tank inspections and resistivity testing.

Keep your next project on track — contact us to learn more about our emissions testing for energy production and other energy evaluations services.

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