Commercial Forensic Engineering


The forensic specialists on our Building Technology Team will help solve your construction problems, like issues with existing structures or assessing damage caused by man-made or natural disasters. Our technical staff is supported by a large, multifaceted in-house laboratory to identify and analyze a variety of materials or structural issues.

AET's commercial building assessment services and capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Investigation and analysis of building problems relating to moisture infiltration, condensation, cracking, corrosion, general deterioration and foundation settlement
  • Condition assessment and documentation of building structural systems including facades, windows/curtain walls, roofs, slabs-on-grade, structural floors, walls, foundations and floor coverings
  • Assessment of material and structural failures caused by fires, storms and floods
  • Specialized field and laboratory testing programs tailored to the project needs. Programs may include:
    • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
    • Air infiltration and water penetration testing
    • Vapor transmission calculations
    • In-situ load tests
    • Air quality surveys
    • Thermal surveys
    • Additional nondestructive techniques 

We work with contractors, building owners, owner's agents, attorneys and government agencies, including cities and counties. In addition to our building assessment services, AET also has extensive preservation and repair capabilities. We can conduct assessments to document as-built and existing conditions to identify the need for repairs. This often includes:

  • Analysis of building materials to determine their physical and chemical properties
  • Analysis to determine the extent and significance of distress or deterioration
  • Preparation of repair documents

We are available for observations and testing during construction as well as consulting to develop options for repair and rehabilitation. Contact us to see how our testing capabilities can supplement your next project.

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