New and Existing Commercial Project Support


Our team understands the often fast-paced nature of the commercial marketplace — time is money! At AET, we know you're pressured to make new projects happen quickly and accurately. Whether you are planning a new commercial project, evaluating existing properties or preparing for a renovation — get the job done right the first time with AET’s trusted testing services.

Construction and Redevelopment Testing

Our services can begin with pre-planning environmental due diligence services — including asbestos and hazardous material surveys. We can then move on to geotechnical exploration for building foundation and earthwork recommendations. Next, we often provide independent QA/QC construction materials testing services to document that your building was constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications.

Parking lot and approach roadway pavements are often areas of concern and can be maintenance headaches. Our Pavements Group is experienced with these specific challenges building owners face. AET can provide building access during evaluation and maintenance, maintaining proper drainage and handling construction challenges in tight corners or around inlets. We also have state-of-the-art tools for falling weight deflectometer (FWD) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) testing to provide more comprehensive evaluation services.

Building Regulatory Compliance Testing

AET provides investigative and analytical services to diagnose a variety of building problems. This includes condition assessments, documentation of building and structural systems, building envelope evaluations and specialized field and laboratory testing. Offering high quality reports and solutions, our goal is to help you maintain buildings and structures that are safe and durable.

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