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Environmental, Non-Destructive & Soil Testing for Agriculture

AET can employ testing to prevent or solve issues your job site may face. From environmental testing to meet regulation requirements to soil and non-destructive testing for agricultural site construction projects. Get every aspect of your agricultural project tested and check it off your list of to-do’s with AET.

Soil testing for agricultural projects

AET's employees are rooted in the rural culture since agriculture is the top industry near many of our regional offices. It’s easy for our technical professionals to see the modern changes that have begun to seep into the agriculture industry. Grain bins require more sophisticated foundations for increased demand, and changes in railroad entry patterns in many upper Midwest towns require a new approach.

AET can provide solutions to these modern demands:

Our Geotechnical Group can employ cone penetrometer testing to evaluate total settlement and potential differential settlement across large vessels. For new rail spurs and loading/unloading facilities, we regularly provide consulting services to help communities support efficient commodity transit while reducing land impacts.

Environmental testing for agricultural projects

We live and work in "ethanol country." Therefore, our Environmental Group is called upon to investigate and help our clients comply with local, state and federal regulations, such as emissions testing and permitting. Our Environmental and Geotechnical Groups will also collaborate to assist clients and regulators with subsurface investigation and remediation for suspected or actual environmental impacts.

Nondestructive testing for agricultural projects

AET's Nondestructive Testing Group regularly performs weld inspections during anhydrous ammonia tank inspections. Our Petrography and Building Technology teams also assist clients with concrete testing and post-construction structural issues.

Get all of the information you need to make informed decisions. AET also provides a wide range of testing for various industry needs including building forensics, constructions materials, pavements, petrography and more. Contact us to learn more!

Recent Agricultural Projects Include:
Crystal Valley Coop - Grain Storage Facility and Loop Railroad

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