Trust Delivered to Many Industries


To successfully perform as engineers, scientists and testing professionals, we must understand our clients. Over the years, AET has consulted for the agricultural, industrial, energy, transportation, commercial, government and telecommunications industries. As those industries change, we adapt our expertise and technology to meet new and increasing demands. You will find our professionals located throughout the Upper Midwest, but as a firm we consult on projects nationally and internationally. AET is accessible and equipped in-house for fast and accurate answers.

With backgrounds in engineering, science, manufacturing, construction, city management and state highway transportation, to name a few, AET professionals bring a practical perspective to our geotechnical engineering, environmental, testing and forensics services. Regulators, inspectors and our scientific peers also respect our knowledge and contributions to the profession. To learn more about what AET can do for your industry, review our seven primary market sectors and related projects. Contact us with any questions about your project or industry needs.